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Month: December, 2010

Japanese chick cum quickly

Here’s a video that everyone is talking about where a gorgeous babe will do something weird and wild that surprise her viewers. So don’t be the last person to see the asian squirt that will truly amaze you. The babe got fucked on her cunt, enjoying the sensation as the man moves his dick in and out of her wet hole and moan so loud. Her pussy got eaten by the guy while he’s lying in the floor and she sat on his face, feeling the tongue of the man sliding on her cunt that tickles her and can’t help herself but to pee on his mouth.

Orgasmic Keeani is a horny asian squirt

If you thought squirting was a myth, let me introduce you to Keeani, a drop dead sexy asian chick with a fine ass, finer tits and an asian squirt pussy. This orgasmic chick can do what most babes can not,when she’s reaching her point of orgasm, she holds back a bit, then holds back a bit more and then she lets all of her juices flow out as her pussy clenches hard, her clit rubbing fingers make those wet orgasms a hottest thing you’ve ever seen, and she can do that almost every time she cums.